Data Finding Tools

There is a variety of ways to find data within the PDS.

Image Data

The Planetary Image Atlas has search tools for image and image-like data from these missions:

2001 Mars Odyssey (GRS, THEMIS)
Cassini (ISS, Radar, VIMS)
Galileo (SSI, NIMS)
Magellan (SAR)
Mars Exploration Rovers (DES/HAZ/NAV/PANCAM, APXS, MB, MI, RAT)
Mars Global Surveyor (MOC, MOLA)
Viking Lander (LCS)
Viking Orbiter (VISA, VISB)

The Mars Express page at the European Space Agency has a search tool for HRSC images.

The Planetary Photojournal is the best bet if you want to find spectacular images such as those from mission press releases.