Latest Data Dictionaries

The following page links to the most recently released PDS4 Data Dictionaries, including XML Schema and Schematrons for the applicable PDS4 namespace.

Past versions of the schemas can be found here.

Need help with creating a dictionary or where to start, please contact the PDS Operator at

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Data Dictionaries

Compatible Versions

For each version of the PDS Common Data Dictionary, there are specific discipline and mission dictionary that are compatible. You can find this information in our Dictionary Stacks database.

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PDS Common

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Discipline Dictionaries

Mission Dictionaries


The PDS4 XML Schema and Schematron files are organized by namespace. Links to documentation on a particular dictionary can be found here.

For a list of existing namespaces, refer to the PDS Namespace Registry.

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How To Create A Dictionary

Please contact your applicable discipline node to ensure a new dictionary is necessary prior to beginning development. Once agreed upon, there are several places to go when trying to learn how to create a dictionary.

In order for a newly created dictionary to be published, it must first be registered with the PDS Namespace Registry. Create a ticket here to request your new namespace be added to the registry.

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Submitting A New Version

When a Local Data Dictionary (LDD) Steward is ready to submit a new version of an LDD for release, create a request ticket here.

Note: Assume validation has been completed by steward.

Dictionary Validation

The LDD steward is encouraged to perform test/validation via one/both of the testing mechanisms:

Note: Currently, there is no explicit way to run validate to check out the schemas, but by reading the schemas into the tool, it will raise an error if they are invalid.

The PDS Engineering Node will also perform some basic testing and validation when a release is requested to ensure nothing makes it out as "released" that is invalid.

If there is an error, an email will be sent to the steward with error message(s).

If no error is found, the LDD will be posted to both latest and all schemas pages. An email will be sent to the steward indicating posting is completed.

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