bearing_reference_meridian in Distance_​and_​Bearing_​Representation

Name: bearing_reference_meridianVersion Id:
Description: The bearing_reference_meridian attribute specifies the axis from which the bearing is measured.
Namespace Id: cartSteward: imgClass Name: Distance_​and_​Bearing_​RepresentationType: ASCII_​Short_​String_​Collapsed
Minimum Value: NoneMaximum Value: NoneMinimum Characters: 4Maximum Characters: 10
Unit of Measure Type: NoneDefault Unit Id: NoneAttribute Concept: NoneConceptual Domain: SHORT_STRING
Status: ActiveNillable: falsePattern: None
Permissible Value(s)ValueValue Meaning
 AssumedAn assumed bearing is one in which the reference direction is straight ahead, where the bearing is measured relative to the direction the navigator is facing.
 AstronomicA astronomic bearing is measured in relation to the North Star, Polaris on Earth.
 GeodeticA geodectic bearing (or true bearing) is measured in relation to true north via a great circle (or the shortest path connecting two points on the surface of the body).
 GridA grid bearing is measured in relation to the fixed horizontal reference plane of grid north, that is, using the direction northwards along the grid lines of the map projection as a reference point.
 MagneticA magnetic bearing is measured in relation to magnetic north on Earth.