radial_resolution in Ring_​Spectrum

Name: radial_resolutionVersion Id:
Description: radial_resolution indicates the nominal radial distance over which changes in ring properties can be detected within a data product. Note: this value may be larger than the radial_sampling_interval value, because a data product can be over-sampled. Required in labels if the value is fixed, as it is for stellar occultations. If the value varies, the corresponding minimum and maximum attributes must be used instead. Not intended to be used as a table field.
Namespace Id: ringsSteward: ringsClass Name: Ring_​SpectrumType: ASCII_​Real
Minimum Value: -1.7976931348623157e308Maximum Value: 1.7976931348623157e308Minimum Characters: NoneMaximum Characters: None
Unit of Measure Type: Units_of_LengthDefault Unit Id: NoneAttribute Concept: NoneConceptual Domain: REAL
Status: ActiveNillable: falsePattern: None
Permissible Value(s)No Values