organic_type in Specimen_​Classification

Name: organic_typeVersion Id:
Description: The organic_type element identifies the organic type to which the specimen belongs.
Namespace Id: speclibSteward: geoClass Name: Specimen_​ClassificationType: UTF8_​Short_​String_​Collapsed
Minimum Value: NoneMaximum Value: NoneMinimum Characters: 1Maximum Characters: 255
Unit of Measure Type: NoneDefault Unit Id: NoneAttribute Concept: NoneConceptual Domain: SHORT_STRING
Status: ActiveNillable: falsePattern: None
Permissible Value(s)ValueValue Meaning
 InorganicThe Inorganic value indicates the specimen is not an organic material.
 MixtureThe Mixture value indicates the specimen is a mixture of organic and inorganic material.
 OrganicThe Organic value indicates the specimen is an organic material.