PDS Data Release Summary

PDS DATA DELIVERY : February 15, 2018

Bundle Products
Bundle LID Release Title
More Info
urn:nasa:pds:maven.anc 0012 Ancillary DRF, IMU, and event list data 2013-12-09 to 2017-11-20
urn:nasa:pds:maven.euv.calibrated 0012 EUV Data, fully calibrated solar irradiances in three bandpasses 2014-10-18 to 2017-11-15
urn:nasa:pds:maven.euv.modelled 0012 EUV Modelled Data. Solar irradiance spectra in 1-nm bins from 0-190nm 2014-10-19 to 2017-11-15
urn:nasa:pds:maven.insitu.calibrated 0012 Insitu Key Parameters, selected fully calibrated (L2) data from the Particles and Fields package and NGIMS, and ephemeris info 2014-09-21 to 2017-08-14
urn:nasa:pds:maven.iuvs.calibrated 0012 Imagining Ultraviolet Spectrograph (IUVS) Calibrated-level L1B Data 2013.12.11 to 2017.11.14
urn:nasa:pds:maven.iuvs.derived 0012 Imagining Ultraviolet Spectrograph (IUVS) Derived-level L2 Data 2014.10.18 to 2017.11.14
urn:nasa:pds:maven.iuvs.kp 0012 Imagining Ultraviolet Spectrograph (IUVS) Key Parameter Data 2014.10.18 to 2017.11.14
urn:nasa:pds:maven.iuvs.processed 0012 Imagining Ultraviolet Spectrograph (IUVS) Processed-level L1C Data 2014.10.18 to 2017.11.14
urn:nasa:pds:maven.iuvs.raw 0012 Imagining Ultraviolet Spectrograph (IUVS) Raw-level L1A Data 2013.12.11 to 2017.11.14
urn:nasa:pds:maven.lpw.calibrated 0012 Langmuir Probe and Waves data, fully calibrated, including spacecraft potential, electric field waveforms, and wave power 2014-10-11 to 2017-11-15
urn:nasa:pds:maven.lpw.derived 0012 Langmuir Probe and Waves data including densities, temperatures, and Poynting flux 2014-10-11 to 2017-11-15
urn:nasa:pds:maven.lpw.raw 0012 Langmuir Probe and Waves (LPW) uncompressed, uncalibrated data from individual telemetry packets 2014-10-11 to 2017-11-15
urn:nasa:pds:maven.mag.calibrated 0012 Magnetic-field vectors corrected for instrumental and spacecraft effects, transformed into physically meaningful coordinates. 2014-10-10 to 2017-11-15
urn:nasa:pds:maven.sep.calibrated 0012 SEP data, fully calibrated plus raw count and ancillary ephemeris data 2014-09-20 to 2017-11-15
urn:nasa:pds:maven.spice 0012 SPICE Kernels: observation geometry and other ancillary data 2013-11-18 to 2018-01-01
urn:nasa:pds:maven.static.c 0012 STATIC calibrated data, 3D distributions and energy spectra and moments 2014-10-13 to 2017-11-15
urn:nasa:pds:maven.swea.calibrated 0012 SWEA Data, fully calibrated electron energy/angle (3D) distributions, pitch angle distributions, omni-directional energy spectra 2014-03-19 to 2017-11-15
urn:nasa:pds:maven.swia.calibrated 0012 SWIA Data, fully calibrated ion velocity distributions, energy spectra, and density, temperature, and velocity moments 2014-03-19 to 2017-11-15
urn:nasa:pds:maven_accel 0012 Accelerometer L3 Data 2014.10.07 to 2017.11.14
urn:nasa:pds:maven_ngims 0012 Neutral Gas and Ion Mass Spectrometer (NGIMS) L1A, L1B, L2, L3 data 2013.12.04 to 2017.11.14