PDS Data Release Summary

PDS DATA DELIVERY : May 27, 2020, OSIRIS-REx Bennu Release 5

Bundle Products
Bundle LID Title
More Info
urn:nasa:pds:orex.ocams OSIRIS-REx Camera Suite data through 2019.11.17
urn:nasa:pds:orex.tagcams OSIRIS-REx Touch-and-Go Camera Suite data through 2019.11.17
urn:nasa:pds:orex.ovirs OSIRIS-REx Visible and InfraRed Spectrometer data through 2019.08.17
urn:nasa:pds:orex.otes OSIRIS-REx Thermal Emission Spectrometer data through 2019.11.17
urn:nasa:pds:orex.ola OSIRIS-REx Laser Altimeter data through 2019.08.17
urn:nasa:pds:orex.mission mission phase narratives for Recon and Orbits R data through 2019.11.17
urn:nasa:pds:orex.spice OSIRIS-REx SPICE data through 2019.11.17