Name: Vector_Projection_OriginVersion Id:
Description:The Vector_Projection_Origin class specifies the location of the origin of the projection. For Polar and Cylindrical projections, this is the XYZ point from which all the azimuth/elevation rays emanate. For the Cylindrical-Perspective projection, this defines the center of the circle around which the synthetic camera orbits. For Orthographic, Orthorectified, and Vertical projections, this optional keyword specifies the point on the projection plane that serves as the origin of the projection (i.e. all points on a line through this point in the direction of PROJECTION_Z_AXIS_VECTOR will be located at X=Y=0 in the projection). If not present, (0,0,0) should be assumed. This translation is generally not necessary and not often used; the (X|Y)_AXIS_MINIMUM and (X|Y)_AXIS_MAXIMUM fields allow the mosaic to be located arbitrarily in the projection plane.
Namespace Id: cartSteward: imgRole: TBD_roleStatus: Active
Class Hierarchy: Vector_​Cartesian_​Position_​Base :: Vector_​Projection_​Origin
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Referenced from: Cylindrical, Cylindrical_​Perspective, Orthographic_​Lander, Orthorectified, Polar, Vertical