Name: Vector_Projection_Z_AxisVersion Id:
Description:The Vector_Projection_Z_Axis class specifies a unit vector defining the Z axis for a given projection. For Orthographic, Orthorectified, and Vertical projections, this vector defines the projection axis for the mosaic. All points along a line parallel to this axis are projected to the same spot in the projection plane. For the Cylindrical-Perspective projections, this defines the new axis of the circle around which the synthetic camera orbits (i.e. the normal to the circle), after the cameras have been rotated to correct for rover tilt. Vector_Projection_Z_Axis_Initial contains the axis before rotation; the difference in these two indicate the rotation amount.
Namespace Id: cartSteward: imgRole: TBD_roleStatus: Active
Class Hierarchy: Vector_​Cartesian_​Unit_​Base :: Vector_​Projection_​Z_​Axis
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Referenced from: Cylindrical_​Perspective, Orthographic_​Lander, Orthorectified