Name: Commanded_GeometryVersion Id:
Description: Specifies how the device was commanded in order to achieve the state represented in the enclosing Articulation_Device_Parameters. Commands are often at a higher level, e.g. point at this location or move to this XYZ, which is translated by flight software to the actual pose of the device. Certain forms of command are measured in a coordinate frame; this is specified by the Coordinate_Space_Reference in this class (if not present, the Coordinate_Space_Reference in the Articulation_Device_Parameters parent should be assumed).
Namespace Id: geomSteward: geoRole: TBD_roleStatus: Active
Class Hierarchy: Commanded_​Geometry
 command_​type1..1Angle_​Absolute, Angle_​Relative, Joint_​Absolute, Joint_​Relative, No_​Motion, No_​Motion_​No_​Arb, None, XYZ
Referenced from: Articulation_​Device_​Parameters